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I've created this demo for DXR spotlight organized by NVIDIA. https://developer.nvidia.com/DXR-spotlight

According to rules of this competition the reflections and shadows need to be rendered with ray tracing so requirements of this demo are quite heavy (RTX GPU needed to see it in full glory). I was able to achieve over 60FPS on RTX 2060 with double bounce reflections enabled and resolution 2560x1440.

Solder is a short RTS style game concept placed in the futuristic science fiction world inside the computer on imagined PC Board.
The tech demo is an introduction to basic RTS mechanics based on parasite chip called SOLDER that evolves during the journey on PCB.


-Click the left mouse button on the entity to select
-When the entity is selected then click the right button on pc board to command the move to the location.
-Use the mouse wheel button hold to rotate the camera.
-Use the mouse button wheel up/down to zoom in/out.
-Use W/A/S/D/arrows  to move camera and Q/E to rotate the camera by 45'
- F11 fullscreen
-Esc to exit

After finishing the demo you will see a short cutscene that is presenting the level with ray tracing.

I am planning to extend this demo in the future into a combination of my favorite RTS games like Dune / Age of Empires but placed in the science fiction world where you have to build a civilization of microchips and manage cooling, processors, memory, a number of tasks that can be executed at the same time and fight against typical computer enemies like bugs, errors, crashes, viruses, nasal demons and memory leaks.

A few weeks of work is not enough time to produce fully functional RTS so I've decided to present the ray tracing in the short campaign mode introduction.

I believe it's an interesting concept so maybe if there will be some interest in this game then I will finish the project as the full-flagged game. Only you can convince me that it is worth trying :)

Install instructions

RTX GPU required.


Solder.zip 223 MB

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